'Technical Difficulties' by Padfootlet

Just a typical day on the Minecraft Server with earfluffstuff way-too-many-names minajerienaj and ceranovis

Birthday art for the wonderful and fantastic naniroxy

She is an AMAZING artist and a true inspiration to me. I happened across her SOI:Rebirth comic quite a few months ago and instantly fell in love with her art and soon after talking with her, her personality.

Watching her work and studying her art helped me finally become comfortable enough to begin drawing men (Something which I have refrained from for years due to feeling I was too unskilled to portray them properly) As well as diving into the art side of the Yogscast Fandom. She is someone I am grateful I have met and thankful that I can call friend.

I hope you have a fantastic day and get showered with gifts, because frankly, you deserve it!


Art of the sassy and adorable Tinder!

'Power of the Storm Sage' By Padfootlet

Art of the wonderful KirinDave that I’ve been working on this past week! He’s an awesome guy with a fantastic Minecraft series over on youtube with his wife PaprikaSu who is just as wonderful. 

I had the pleasure of KD popping in my stream as I finished this up. Thank again for the company!

Adventure Awaits! By Padfootlet

Luna the Sky Captain Sets out with her trusty Robit named Cheese! What crazy adventures will the world unfold for them!?

[Shirts] & [Prints] Now Available!

Flats Done! Still unsure on the background but I’ll play with it more later

'I'm Not Evil' By Padfootlet

Little animation of Lalna and Lalnable.

Woop More Yogscast doodles. Trying my hand at the devious duo of SipsCo.

A wild Honeydew appears!

Trying my hand at some of the other yogs since I’m pretty comfortable drawing Xephos for the most part.